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We offer synthetic microfiber Extreme

The dispersed reinforcement reduces skinning and supports the cohesion of the composite in all directions.

The task of synthetic Extreme microfibers is; supporting thixotropy

resin on vertical surfaces and ceiling, while increasing strength.

A wide range of applications of Extreme microfibers increases the quality of manufactured products, repairs, production of putty, filling cavities or production of resin-based adhesives, but also for plasticizing fiber cement products. Execution of thin layers or precise

cement details - skinning and cracks will no longer be a problem. Dosing by weight for epoxy resin up to 25% for polyester resin max. 15% Mix mechanically with a scaler and before adding the activator B. Dosing for fiber cement or increasing the frost resistance of products

cement, e.g. tile adhesive, to obtain the desired strength, it is recommended to perform fatigue destructive tests, aggregate grain size up to 1 mm.


Synthetic fiber does not absorb water, regardless of the temperature, is elastic, resistant to tearing and impact, biological resistance, low weight, does not age, biologically resistant.

Bulk density 1l = 100gr.

Packaging 150gr or 3kg

How we make a fiber that is 100% synthetic. Well, it is made of polyester and Polyesters are POLymers with ester bonds, which are formed as a result of esterification of hydroxy acids. As a result, polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, is formed, exactly the same from which beverage bottles or clothing fibers are made. Then the PET pellets melt at 280 degrees. by stretching it, it is given the desired texture and thickness. Depending on the method of synthesis used, it may have different properties. The knowledge developed over a period of 11 years of work in the textile industry, mainly on polyesters, allowed us to create a product which is the presented super-strong Extreme microfiber. We can listen to nature. We care about the environment, as one of the few we use recycled polyester raw materials. The use of recycled polyester, the so-called r-PET, is not easy or cheap, but not impossible.


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Microfiber Extreme

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